Alarm Response & Patrol Services

Every night of the year, the security officers of Border Security are on patrol to deter, detect and secure our clients premises.

24 Hour Alarm Response Services

Border Security have patrols crews on the Road 24/7 to ensure a rapid response to any alarm activation. Our security guards will arrive and check the security and integrity of your home or business premises.  We can arrange for emergency repairs on your behalf or organise for a static guard to remain on site until a key holder is able to attend or alternate arrangements are  made.  If the premises are found to be secure, an Alarm Response docket will be left to advise the time and date of the alarm activation, details of the zone of the activation as well as the time the patrol crew attended.

Intruder Deterrence

Border Security patrols provide a security presence to deter would-be intruders. Our random patrols warn the criminal that our patrol officer can arrive at your premises at any time. Criminals are less likely to intrude on Border Security Services patrolled clients.  We will also provide and install signage & stickers at no cost to aid as a visual deterrent to would be offenders.

Vulnerability Detection

Border Security Services patrol’s detect insecure areas of your property and, as far as possible, secure them or call for assistance when required. Any potential fire or flood risk can be dealt with before expensive damage occurs. Experience shows that many premises are left insecure at night, becoming a target for the vandal or thief.  Guards will also keep an eye out for damage, maintenance issues such as leaks, broken lights, taps etc. and advise our clients of any issues they may observe.

Increase Security

Border Security Services patrols can secure your property as part of a routine patrol OR attend your premises for any special reason such as an alarm activation or reported incident. Additional security officers can be called in to guard your premises if required. At all times our patrol officers are in contact with our communication centre.

Find out more about our patrol and alarm response services by filling out the contact form or phoning us on 1300 662 427.

security guard checking lock on gate

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